Ways You Can Reduce the Cost of Your Uncontested Divorce

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Ways You Can Reduce the Cost of Your Uncontested Divorce

December 08 2021
By Faye Carroll
  1. Do Not Litigate:  Only go to court as a last resort. If you want to keep your money instead of giving it to a lawyer, try negotiation, try mediation or collaborative divorce. Settlement Agreements are always the better option, but avoid court if at all possible.
  2.  Become Educated:  Learn as much as you can about divorce and related issues. The more information you have, the less money you will spend paying a lawyer to explain it to you, and resolving your situation.
  3. List Things You Can Agree Upon First:  If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on some issues, but not others, you might be able to save money on attorney fees. Your lawyer will then only have to resolve the areas of disagreement. Also, if you can agree on the major issues, you may find that the minor ones may not be worth arguing about. 
  4. Don’t Make Decisions Based on Emotions:  Do a cost-benefit analysis of your case from a logical perspective. Focus on getting through the divorce and moving on with your life. It’s not unusual for someone to spend $500 in attorney fees to get a $100 set of dishes, etc. If there is no significant connection between reaching an agreement and final divorce, let it go. 
  5. Don’t Be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish:  Make sure you pay your attorney for the work you need them to do. Don’t rely on your spouse’s lawyer to finalize all the papers. You can be sure they are not safeguarding your interests. 




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