Steps to Take When Preparing for a Divorce 

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Steps to Take When Preparing for a Divorce 

April 27 2022
By Virginia Family Law Center

Divorce can be a long and complicated process, and many people never overcome the hurdle of actually filing because they are too overwhelmed by the process. However, there is no reason to stay in an unhappy marriage. Like anything else, divorce is a process that can be broken down into small steps that are easily tackled over time. In fact, there are many steps that you can take before even filing for divorce in order to build confidence and momentum. We will go over some of those steps here. 

What Can I Do to Prepare for a Divorce While I am Still Married?

Filing for divorce does not have to be when you hit “go,” you can start gradually and take actions to be in a better place prior to filing. 

    • Get a P.O. Box. If you are considering taking action in pursuit of a divorce without first telling your spouse, it is a good idea to get your own P.O. box for legal correspondence so that you do not have to worry about them interfering with your mail. 
    • Consult with an attorney. Do not panic. Talking to a lawyer may seem like a big step, but a consultation does not have to be anything more than an informational interview. A lawyer can give you an idea of what divorce plan would be best given your specific circumstances and what steps you can take toward that goal. 
    • Get a support team in place. Divorce is an intense and emotional process, so it is important to make sure that you have friends, family, and professionals that you can rely on. It is a good idea to have a counselor or therapist who can support you emotionally and help keep you grounded throughout the process. 
    • Inventory all of your and your spouse’s assets. Create a detailed inventory of all assets and personal property owned by both you and your spouse. You will need this for the purposes of asset distribution and to be able to get an idea of what your post-divorce finances will look like. You may also want to hire a forensic accountant if you suspect your spouse may be concealing assets. 
    • Talk to a financial planner. Divorce will likely cause upset to your current financial state. You may also have to plan for the expenses of divorce and litigation. Talking to a financial planner will help you to utilize the assets that you have and make a feasible plan that allows you to achieve your long-term objectives. 
    • Update your will and life insurance beneficiaries. If your spouse is currently listed as your beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy, or any other important legal documents, make sure to update them as soon as possible. 
    • Get copies of your marriage certificate, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, trust documents, and any other relevant legal documents.

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Virginia divorces can be particularly complicated, so it is important to consult with an attorney sooner rather than later. If you are considering filing for divorce in Virginia, contact the experienced divorce attorneys at the Virginia Family Law Center and schedule a consultation today.

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