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Resolving Child Custody and Visitation Matters

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Resolving Child Custody and Visitation Matters

May 08 2021
By Virginia Family Law Center

Child custody and visitation matters are often one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. Although it may be difficult, it is also one of the most crucial pieces of the dissolution. Talking with your soon-to-be ex-spouse about the best interests of your child allows both of you to voice your input about the child is raised and allows you to create a custody and visitation plan that you both agree on.

At Virginia Family Law Center, we help clients throughout Fairfax and Northern Virginia resolve child custody and visitation disputes. Contact our firm online or call 703-865-5839 to schedule your 30-minute telephone consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Talking About Your Children During the Divorce Process

After a divorce or a difficult break-up, it can be difficult to communicate with the other parent of your children. Regardless, that can often be the most beneficial move in child custody and visitation disputes.

Negotiating an agreement with your spouse is always better than going to court. No one knows your children as well as you do.

Custody Disputes Between Unmarried Parents

Child custody and visitation disputes may also arise between unmarried couples. If your child was born out of wedlock, there are other legal considerations that must be addressed prior to determining a parenting plan, such as legal paternity.

Regardless of your situation, our team works with clients to help negotiate a plan that balances the best interests of the child and both parents. We help parties reach agreements regarding visitation schedules and other aspects of parenting plans.

Even when it is difficult, communicating with the opposing party is better for everyone involved. Contact our firm online or call 703-865-5839  to work with an attorney who can help you negotiate.

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