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Property Settlement Agreements

Separation and Property in Virginia Divorce

During a divorce, decisions need to be made regarding child support arrangements, child custody payments, division of property and division of debt. When it comes time to decide how these important aspects of your marriage will be divided, it is important to create property settlement contracts that will enforce the agreements you reach.

At Virginia Family Law Center, we help clients throughout Fairfax and Northern Virginia establish property settlement agreements. Contact our firm online or call 703-659-0196 to schedule your 20 minute telephone consultation with an experienced attorney.

Lasting Solutions to Your Property Concerns

Property settlement agreements provide a legal document to facilitate the discussion of how all marital property and debt should be divided. In a clearly explained document, the property settlement agreement addresses issues such as:

  • Division of debt
  • Distribution of marital property, including real estate and vehicles
  • Division of liquid assets acquired during the marriage, such as retirement funds and savings accounts

When our firm is working with clients to divide marital property, we always begin by working with the opposing side. If we are able to communicate with the opposing side, we strive to reach a settlement agreement that will be acceptable to both parties. By negotiating the terms of your divorce outside of court, we have the advantage of structuring the dissolution to meet your unique situations.

Regardless of how much time a judge is able to spend listening to your case, he or she will never know your situation as well as you and your spouse. Even when it is difficult, working with your spouse to reach an agreement usually provides a solution that better fits your situation.

Contact our firm online or call 703-865-5839  to schedule your 20 minute telephone consultation with an experienced lawyer.