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Child Support

Understanding Virginia Child Support Guidelines

Many people are uncomfortable working through the legal process, and they do not know what to expect as they are getting divorced. For many people, the child support guidelines are a large shock. People do not understand how child support is determined and how various aspects of their life can influence the amount they must give or receive.

At Virginia Family law Center, we work closely with clients, helping them understand the child support guidelines and the rights and responsibilities that come with paying or receiving child support. We have over 20 years of experience representing clients throughout Fairfax and Northern Virginia. Contact our firm online or call 703-659-0196 to schedule your 20 minute telephone consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Misconceptions and Complications Regarding Child Support

Because many people do not know how child support is determined, they also do not know what qualifies them to stop paying. People incorrectly think that if they lose their job or disappear somehow, they will escape their child support obligations. This is not the case.

Although modifications can be made to your child support in the event of job loss, it is your responsibility to contact the court or an attorney to notify them of your need for modification. When clients contact our firm, we help them understand their rights and the responsibilities that are associated with child support.

If you need help establishing child support, or if you are interested in modifying an existing child support arrangement, contact our firm online or call 703-865-5839  to schedule your 20 minute telephone consultation.