Alexandria Divorce Lawyers

Alexandria Divorce Lawyers

We guide our clients throughout their divorce, resolving their legal problems in the most practical and efficient way possible.

Alexandria Divorce Lawyers

Alexandria Divorce Lawyers

Divorce isn’t something that’s pleasant to think about, and many people who are facing divorce want to put the matter on the back burner until that is no longer an option. This approach, however, is not going to do you any favors. The fact is that the terms of your divorce will directly affect your financial future – and your parental rights – which makes being proactive critical. If you are facing divorce (or think that it’s time to instigate divorce), the most important first step that you can take is consulting with an experienced Alexandria divorce lawyer.

Gathering Important Financial Information

Divorce is going to affect your finances moving forward, and it’s very important that you protect your financial rights and interests from the outset. The only way to do this, however, is to have a close working knowledge of your marital finances. Even if you are just at the stage of considering divorce, it’s a good idea to begin the process of amassing copies of your financial records and documents, including those that pertain to:

  • You and your spouse’s earnings
  • You and your spouse’s retirement accounts
  • Your mortgage
  • Your car titles and any car payments
  • Your credit card statements
  • Any pending loans
  • Your financial portfolio
  • Any valuables you own, such as artwork, jewelry, watches, collections, recreational vehicles and/or equipment, or anything else of value

Getting a head start on your divorce financials can help make the divorce process less frantic and can help guide your steps forward.

Your Child Custody Arrangements

In addition to your financial rights, there are your parental rights to consider. In Virginia, child custody is sectioned into both legal and physical custody. Physical custody refers to who will be making important decisions in your children’s lives, including those related to the following:

  • Their education
  • Their religious upbringing
  • The medical care and attention they receive
  • Their extracurriculars

Legal custody can be shared, or one of you can be solely responsible.

Physical custody, on the other hand, relates to how your children will split their time between you and your ex. The possibilities for scheduling this visitation are considerable and can range from the traditional (having a primary custodial parent with whom the children spend the majority of their time and a parent with a visitation schedule) to splitting the time you spend with your shared children equally.

Avoiding the Court’s Intervention

If you and your divorcing spouse are able to come to mutually acceptable divorce terms regarding the division of your marital property, your child custody arrangements, child support, and spousal support (as applicable), you won’t need the court to make decisions on your behalf. While this is an admirable goal, it’s important to remember that if your divorcing spouse chooses to make your divorce as contentious as possible, requiring the court’s intervention is very likely a foregone conclusion.

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